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Mianyang MaiSi will technology co., LTD,Is specialized in new environmental protection coating of ability in scientific research、Development、Production sales、Technical service in the integration of national high and new technology enterprise。Company is located in the only Chinese city science and technology—A sichuan mianyang sci-tech city development area(Ann obviously)。Company has a series of core technology in the field of material and surface chemistry,With the core of nano new material and the master of graphene technology and continuous development。The company for steel structure、A car、Machinery manufacturing、Nuclear power、Wind power、Water and electricity、Petroleum chemical industry、Ships and heavy-duty industry in areas such as providing environmental protection products and solutions。The company has the domestic first-class laboratory and a full range of coating industry scientific research and experimental testing equipment,A member of the existing science and technology consultant,Has a high-quality scientific research and management team,Matching is established“Academician(Experts)Workstation”,Gains“National high and new technology enterprise”Such as honor,2018In the company and won“China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance industry outstanding contribution award”Companies of all kinds of products have been certificated by state environmental protection,ISO9001International quality system certification,So far,The company has the patent19Items。MaiSi will always adhere to the people-oriented,As the leading factor on environmental health,In order to high-tech、High quality、Sincere service as the goal,Continuously developed to adapt to the market demand of environmental health products,Try to use science and technology better serve the society,The benefit of mankind。

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Mianyang MaiSi will technology co., LTD
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